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Did Apple just reveal iPhone 15 Pro features? Check out the iOS 17 beta update insiderorbit

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Apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max launch event is imminent. It is expected within weeks. The premium phones are causing a massive buzz online due to the likelihood of prices being high. While Apple remains mum and quite secretive about what is likely to be rolled out, the latest news is being figured out directly from an iOS 17 update. In fact, a number of details about the changes look to have been found in the new iOS 17 beta 7 release.

Goodbye to Mute Switch, Hello Action Button

Reported by 9to5Mac, a special feature known as the ‘Action Button’ will be taking the place of the well-known mute switch on both versions of the iPhone 15 Pro. This new button won’t physically move like the mute switch did, but it will use a technology called haptic feedback to let you know when you’ve turned the silent mode on or off. Before, when people used the mute switch, their phones didn’t give any special signals when they silenced or unsilenced them. But with this new button, the phone will let you know with a specific kind of tap.

Mixed Reactions

Even though it’s nice to see that Apple is thinking about making the Action Button user-friendly, some folks might not be happy with this discovery. People who have been used to the old mute switch might feel that this change is unnecessary. The mute switch has become a habit for millions of iPhone users everywhere.

But there are positive sides to this change. Earlier clues found in the iOS 17 beta code showed that the Action Button can be personalized to do many different things. It could be set to help with accessibility features, shortcuts, silent mode, using the camera, turning on the flashlight, focusing the camera, magnifying things, translating, and recording voice memos. We don’t know yet if you can assign multiple functions to different types of presses or gestures.

On top of that, this new solid button could be tougher than the old mute switch, it might get less dirty, and it could even make the phone more resistant to water. If done right, this change could be a win for buyers. If people like it, Apple might use it in all versions of the iPhone 16 next year.

Titanium Bodies, Thin Bezels, and More

Alongside this news, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (which could be renamed Ultra) will have new material for their bodies – titanium. They’ll also have incredibly thin borders around the screen, super-fast USB-C ports, and a super advanced A17 chip. The Pro Max will be the only one to get Apple’s very first 10x optical zoom lens.


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