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5 things about AI you may have missed today: Stephen King embraces AI to Pepper Advantage boosts AI service and more insiderorbit

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Iconic American writer Stephen King does not mind AI learning from his writing; AI’s Transformative Impact on the Gaming Industry; Alibaba introduces advanced AI models for visual localisation; ChatGPT’s inappropriate cancer treatment advice- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. Stephen King embraces AI learning

Stephen King has welcomed AI and says he does not mind it learning from his writing. In an essay for The Atlantic, the author stated he wouldn’t prohibit it. King said he’s unafraid of AI’s potential, but believes it’s not on par with human creativity. King likened AI-generated art to “movie money,” good initially, but lacking depth. Some authors demand compensation for AI using their work, but King considers forbidding it is pointless, asserting it can enhance AI’s creative skills.

2. AI’s transformative impact on the gaming industry

AI’s influence on gaming began with 1997’s Deep Blue victory over a chess world champion. Today, AI revolutionises the industry by crafting lifelike environments, adjusting gameplay to preferences, and offering tailored experiences. Games like Middle-earth: Shadow of War and The Last of Us Part II exemplify AI’s impact on strategic gaming, according to a Yahoo Finance report. As AI advances, its role will expand to dynamic pricing, enhanced storytelling, and improved interactions, ensuring gaming’s evolution persists.

3. ChatGPT’s inappropriate cancer treatment advice raises concern

OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 AI chatbot has raised concern as a study reveals it offered inappropriate cancer treatment recommendations that didn’t align with National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines. The research, published in JAMA Oncology, underscores the importance of recognizing the technology’s limitations in clinical decision-making. The study examined breast, prostate, and lung cancers, prompting ChatGPT with various diagnoses, revealing the complexity of individualised medical advice, according an IANS report.

4. Pepper Advantage bolsters AI services with Rieom.ai acquisition

Pepper Advantage, a global credit intelligence provider, has expanded its AI/ML services through the acquisition of Rieom.ai, according to a Business Standard report. This move allows Pepper Advantage to offer a predictive, pre-payout credit approval tool, aiding its growth in India and facilitating expansion across Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The company already has a presence in key Indian cities and plans to extend its services to various sectors, including Fintech and Microfinance, particularly focusing on underserved communities and the thriving MSME sector,

5. Stellar empowers enterprises with GenAI and large language model integration

Stellar, a newly launched tech-enabled services provider, assists businesses in leveraging generative AI (genAI), Large Language Models (LLMs), and machine learning across their operations. With a focus on enhancing end-to-end processes and financial outcomes, Stellar offers AI readiness assessments, opportunity identification, and secure implementation. Its CEO emphasises the transformative potential of genAI and LLMs to revolutionise industries like healthcare, finance, and telecommunications, Business Wire reported.


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