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Delhi traffic advisory: Navigate with Mappls MapmyIndia app during G20 Summit insiderorbit

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According to the Delhi Traffic advisory, the city will go for a 3-day lockdown due to the G20 summit. There will be traffic and movement restrictions till September 10, according to the Delhi Police traffic advisory. While the whole event is taking place and restrictions are being made by the government, the people of Delhi have several queries about commuting to places during any urgency or even the airport. Delhi Police have advised people in the national capital region to utilize a maps app called Mappls MapmyIndia app. Know more about them here.

Mappls MapmyIndia app

Delhi Police have shared the Delhi traffic advisory on Virtual Helpdesk of Delhi Traffic Police for the G20 summit which will commence on September 9 and 10. Traffic will be impacted during this time, as the restrictions will come into force starting from September 8. Delhi Police have asked the public to use Mappls MapmyIndia app to ensure they do not go into restricted areas and get caught in a traffic jam.

Mappls shared a post on their X handle saying, “During the G20 Summit in Delhi, all can get accurate maps & navigation for smooth guidance based on official & updated Delhi Police traffic advisories by using the Mappls MapmyIndia app”

Note that the permission to commute will be only granted to authorised vehicles and emergency vehicles in restricted areas. Additionally, passengers going to and coming from airports and railway stations will be granted access to recommended routes, as long as they hold valid tickets and boarding passes. Government employees, media professionals, and medical practitioners will be allowed to travel based on their identity proof. People travelling via New Delhi must carry the required documents and utilize the app for easy navigation to their desired destination.

Download the Mappls MapmyIndia app from This app will enable you to track routes which are accessible during the G20 summit. The app is developed with geospatial software and location-based IoT technologies which provide products, platforms, APIs and solutions, making it advanced for usage.

The restriction will be put into effect from September 8 and there will be strict restrictions till September 10. Therefore, make sure you have all the resources for commuting easily in the national capital.


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