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YouTube Music unveils real-time lyrics feature; Know how to get it insiderorbit

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In a significant stride toward enhancing user experience, YouTube Music has unveiled its real-time lyrics feature. It will transform how Android and iOS users engage with their favourite tunes. This exciting update builds upon Google’s ongoing efforts to refine the lyrics feature, promising a more interactive and immersive musical journey for fans.

Live Lyrics Arrive on YouTube Music

The much-anticipated arrival of live lyrics on YouTube Music has sent ripples of excitement through the music streaming community. As reported by the 9to5Mac, this feature has now graced the YouTube Music app on both Android and iOS platforms. To access this dynamic musical companion, users will need to update to YouTube Music app version 6.15 for Android or version 6.16 for iOS.

Revolutionising Your Musical Experience

If you’re a dedicated YouTube Music user, you’re likely familiar with the existing Lyrics tab found in the Now Playing section. While it served its purpose, it lacked the finesse of interactivity. With the introduction of live lyrics, the Lyrics tab undergoes a striking makeover, boasting a fresh design with larger, more legible text and improved spacing. But the real magic lies in its responsiveness to the song itself. Now, as the music plays, the current line of lyrics shines brilliantly in white, while the rest gently fades into the background, ensuring an optimal viewing experience.

This upgrade doesn’t stop there. The page automatically refreshes when the song transitions to the next line, maintaining seamless alignment with the music’s flow. A subtle touch is added with a blurred cover art backdrop, accompanied by a musical note that signals the arrival of the lyrics.

Not Universally Available, Yet

While this innovation promises to elevate your music-listening sessions, it’s worth noting that not all songs will flaunt this real-time lyric feature just yet. For songs that haven’t made the transition, the old static lyrics will remain accessible. However, as YouTube Music continues to evolve, there’s hope that live lyrics will become the norm for a more extensive library of songs in the days to come.

Live Lyrics on YouTube Music

Exciting as it may be, the rollout of live lyrics might not be immediate for all users. To ensure you’re among the fortunate beneficiaries of this feature, it may be necessary to take a few steps. The update is now available on both Android and iOS platforms, but you might need to give the YouTube Music app a gentle nudge. Navigate to ‘App info,’ Force Stop the application, and then restart it. Keep in mind that live lyrics might not be available for every song, so don’t hesitate to explore multiple tracks to uncover this captivating musical enhancement.


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