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Google Keep gets a new formatting feature; Know all about it insiderorbit

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Google Keep, a free note-taking product for the Google Docs Editors suite, has just received a new update that will make your life easier. The product is pretty similar to the Android app called Notes and offers similar functionality. You get a basic interface where you can add a title and text. But this update has added more functionality to Google Keep, as it now allows users to easily use formatting tools to turn more complicated notes into an easy-to-read document. This feature is coming to both the web version as well as the mobile app.

This new feature is called Text Formatting, and it comes with multiple tools to improve the layout of any text, as per a report by 9to5Google. This feature was teased for over a year and finally, it is here. The biggest benefit of this feature is that it increases the usability of the note-taking app.

Google Keep: What you get

Users can now create documents with bold text, italics, underlined text, and much more. One interesting tool in Text Formatting now lets you add headers to your note, and you can add separate H1 and H2 headers as per your requirements. Both the headers are separate from the title. Further, your ideas can now be split into different sections and users will not have to go through the annoying experience of it turning into two different notes and having to move between them over and over. The formatting feature is currently being rolled out and if you have not received it yet, just wait for a few days and you should see it arrive in your Google account soon.

This is the first update to Google Keep after the March update for Android, where pins were added to let you bring a note to the home screen and then edit it with a single tap.

Now, let us take a look at how to use this feature.

How to use formatting tool in Google Keep

1. Go to Google Keep and open a new note using the ‘+’ icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Once a new window pops open, look at the bottom of the tool, where all the different options are provided.

3. Look for the A symbol. Once you tap on it, you should see a range of options for various use cases.

4. You can add headers, text styles, and more.

5. Do note, once you choose an option, any text you type after that will have the said formatting. You have to manually press it again to disable it.


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