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ISRO’s Pragyaan rover revealing shocking secrets, making history on the moon for India insiderorbit

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India made history when the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)’s Chandryaan-3 lander made a successful landing on the lunar surface. It was a dream come true for all Indians as the scientists behind the mission have worked for four years to make the mission happen. Now, the very first Indian moon rover, named Pragyaan, is successfully roaming on the south pole to unravel new mysteries of the Moon. Learn more about the Pragyaan rover and its shocking new findings so far.

Pragyaan rover findings

Earlier, ISRO shared an update on the temperature of the Moon’s surface. Shockingly, it was recorded between 60 to 70 degrees Celcius although previous theories had held it to be much less at around 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. This moon secret has captured the attention of the scientific community.

Additionally, a few days ago, the moon rover discovered the presence of sulphur along with other elements including aluminium, calcium, iron, chromium, and titanium.

It is interesting to experience that the small rover is making surprising discoveries while being on the moon. It’s an unbelievable thought on how our space scientist created something so imaginative. The small rover weighs about 57 pounds and Business Insider reports the rover’s size is similar to that of a German shepherd or bull terrier.

The rover has already completed more than a week on the moon’s surface and it will conduct more studies in the coming days before the sun sets on the moon. Now, the main goal for ISRO’s moon rover is to find the presence of water on the moon’s surface. Robert Braun, head of space exploration at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory said in an interview to Business Insider that it, “definitely puts them on the international stage as an emerging space power.”

Now, it is just a matter of days when we’ll get to know if there is water on the Moon’s south pole or not. It is also possible that the rover may not be able to find any trace of it as time is ticking and only a few days are left as the scientists do not know whether the rover will be active after 14 days of night on the moon that is fast approaching.


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