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Snapchat introduces a new AI selfie feature called ‘Dreams’ insiderorbit

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Over the past few months, generative AI has been utilized by more and more industrial and services segments and most recently social media platforms are also integrating artificial intelligence into their app to make user experience more fun and engaging. Keeping AI advancement and competition in mind, Snapchat has introduced a new AI selfie feature, Dreams that enables users to generate images according to different themes provided in the app. Know more about the latest feature here.

About Snapchat AI selfie feature ‘Dreams’

There was a time when we used to take pictures from Snapchat’s dog lens and it used to take out a dog’s tongue when we opened our mouths. This was the time when users got to experience the augmented reality feature in a photo-sharing social media app. At present, we have entered the age of AI where we can turn our simple image into something totally different. First Snapchat introduced its first My AI chatbot feature this year which created a buzz among users. Now, Snapchat has launched an AI selfie feature called “Dreams” which uses generative AI to turn images into something quite fantastic.

According to the Snapchat blog. users can create new identities as per the given themes such as a mermaid in deep seascape, or a Renaissance-era royal. Users can create up to eight generative AI selfies. Users first have to upload their selfies from different angles just like we use the face recognition function. Then the app will generate an image based on your chosen theme. According to a report by The Verge, the new feature is said to be similar to Lensa, an AI photo app.

To access the Dreams features, users have to head toward the “Memories” feature where all the Snapchat images are stored. There you will see a new tab present as “Dreams.” You can go to the tab and start creating your own generative AI images.

The free version of the Snapchat app has eight themes available and the premium version includes additional themes for users to experiment. As per the blog, the feature will be slowly made available in Australia and New Zealand. In a few weeks, the new AI selfie features will be available for all users globally.


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