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The next Supermoon is also a blue Moon! Know why you should not miss it insiderorbit

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Are you someone who finds the different phases of the moon amusing? If yes, then you’ll be excited to hear that on August 30 we will be witnessing two different phenomena of the Moon at the same time. Sounds exciting right? The world be able to watch a SuperMoon and a blue Moon together. It is an incredibly rare opportunity to observe the third full Moon of the month at a time when it will be really close to the Earth. Budding astronomers should be ready with their telescopes, they just might be able to see the Chandrayaan-3 rover as well. Check out all the details.

A blue Moon which is also a SuperMoon

According to a report by NASA, the upcoming full Moon will be visible on August 30. The date also marks the auspicious event of Raksha Bandhan in India which describes the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood. During this day, Saturn will also make a close approach to the Moon. when the sun will be fully set, and the sky goes dark, Saturn will be positioned 5 degrees above and to the right of the Moon. The full Moon can be visible at 9:36 PM EDT.

This will also be the second full moon in the month of August, however, it is also being called a blue Moon. The reason behind this is that this will be the third full Moon of the month. The last blue Moon was spotted in August 2021. Additionally, it is being called a SuperMoon, because this day it will be closest to the Earth, which makes it appear brighter and larger in the sky.

This event will also mark the end of summer and the beginning of fall in the Western Hemisphere. Now, the days will start to get shorter and the nights will be longer.

How to get a closer look at the supermoon?

Find a spot from where the sky appears the darkest along the direction of the Moon. The moon on August 30 will be large so it will be clearly visible to the naked eye. However, if you want a closer look, then carrying high-quality binoculars or a telescope would be beneficial. Note that in India, the full phase of the moon might be seen in the morning at 7:05 AM.


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