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Not achieving your daily goals? Try Loop Habit Tracker app insiderorbit

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Today people have become more aware about positively utilizing their time. For personal growth and self-improvement, establishing positive habits is a crucial step toward achieving long-term goals. However, that is easier said than done, especially as there are so many distractions that can put an individual off the rails. Thankfully, these days, there are various apps available that can help you adapt positive habits and achieve your daily goals. The Loop Habit Tracker app offers a user-friendly and effective solution to guide individuals in creating, maintaining, and strengthening these habits. It has a minimalistic design, a very advanced habit-scoring system, detailed visualizations, and a privacy-conscious approach.

Simplicity and Modern Design:

Loop Habit Tracker presents users with a simple, and modern interface that is easy to use and navigate.

Advanced Habit Scoring:

This app calculates your daily habit score. You will be able to make streaks of your daily habits. It calculates the strength of habits based on repetitions and missed days. This way you will be able to keep track of your daily habits.

Visual Progress Tracking:

This app provides detailed graphs and statistics. These visual graphs help users to track the improvement of their habits over time. By scrolling through their history, users can gain valuable insights into their journey, helping them stay motivated and committed.

Flexible Scheduling:

Loop helps to create flexible scheduling. Whether it’s a habit that needs to be performed three times a week, every other week, or on alternate days, the app’s flexibility can provide diverse routines.


Loop makes habit reinforcement easier with its reminder feature. Users can set individual reminders for each habit. You can easily check, snooze, and dismiss your reminders from the notification bar.

Widgets for Quick Tracking:

This app provides widgets directly on the home screen enhancing accessibility. Users can conveniently track their habits with vibrant and colorful widgets.

Ad free

This app is free of all the unnecessary ads and annoying notifications making it distraction-free.

Apart from all these features, you can also use this app when you are offline. It enables you to access your data and transfer it anywhere. You can easily export your data to spreadsheets or database formats. Moreover, neither the developer of this app nor the third party can access your data, which ensures the privacy of your daily habits data.


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