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Top Celebrities on Hoverboards – Riding into the Future

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The future will be filled with Segways / Hoverboards. These are the new trend that is taking over Hollywood, and soon it will take over the world. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Wiz Khalifa have already taken to social media to show off their skills on these futuristic boards. Get ready for the future by learning which celebrities own Hoverboards! Many Celebrities have been seen on Hoverboards. While the board has only recently gained popularity in the United States, United Kingdom, it was first invented by a man named Shane Chen of California.

The boards were originally available for sale online before they became widely popularized through celebrities. The Hoverboard is an innovative new device that can be used for transportation or just for fun! They are similar to skateboards but with no wheels and instead use magnets to stay afloat above any surface area. Despite their high price tag, more people than ever are investing in this amazing technology!

Justin Bieber on Hoverboard

The Canadian pop star is known for his smooth moves and killer dance skills. Bieber is now riding into the future with his Hoverboard, which he posted about on Instagram to show off how excited he was to receive his new toy! Bieber stated that it would be the best birthday present ever!

Chris Brown on Hoverboard

The singer is known for all kinds of things, and now his Hoverboard tricks are gaining attention. Brown showed off his talents with the state-of-the-art device on Snapchat, and he also included a few dance moves to go along with it! He was seen gliding across a parking lot in the video before waving at the camera.

Kendall Jenner on Hoverboard

The supermodel and reality star decided to show off her skills on a Hoverboard during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which aired back in December of last year. Even though she didn’t skateboard around the runway like her fellow models, Jenner was still able to master the Hoverboard and make it look simply amazing!

Wiz Khalifa on Hoverboard

Hoverboards are all the rage these days, and Wiz Khalifa has definitely been riding into the future with his own Hoverboard! He was recently seen out and about on the board in Beverly Hills, where he sauntered through a residential area before stopping to take a selfie of himself inside an elevator.

Mike Tyson on Hoverboard

The retired heavy-weight boxer is another celebrity who got in on the Hoverboard craze. While he’s no longer competing in boxing matches, Iron Mike still has a killer right hook and some serious moves on his Segway Hoverboard.

Jamie Foxx on Hoverboard

Jamie Foxx was recently spotted cruising around Los Angeles with his Segway Hoverboard. He proved that he can still skateboard after a hard day at work, and the vehicle allowed him to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time!

Skrillex on Hoverboard

The electronic music producer has been seen zooming around on his Hoverboard recently, proving that he’s definitely in the know when it comes to the newest technologies. The DJ was able to catch some high speeds, and he even sped up hills despite having no visible means of powering himself!

Segway Hoverboards and overnight Popularity

Segway Hoverboard was for sale in 2015 and quickly became a favorite of celebrities. So if you’re looking to be the next big thing, it may just pay off to invest now! Which celebrity do you think will own one first? many famous celebrities have been using this toy/gadget/board to have some fun in public places that have become the headlines of some news channels as well. And this has played an important part in the overnight popularity of these boards, because every superstar has millions of fans around the world.

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