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16 Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company in New Orleans

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Choosing the right commercial construction company to work with in New Orleans is incredibly important, especially when you are planning this large operation that costs so much. You have to make sure that you reap the benefits of hiring a professional renovation company in New Orleans by making sure the company you are working with is the real deal. Here are 16 questions to ask a Commercial Construction Company in New Orleans.

1 Tell me about your Construction business and its history

When you are looking for a commercial construction company, you have to ask them about their business, alongside the history. Included in this is finding out how long they have been in business, and what they are licensed to work in.

2 What other Construction projects have you worked on?

Ask the company about any references that you could turn to so that you could check what their previous projects look like. The references that they give you would tell you so much about how their company works overall, their efficiency, and how they would communicate with the people they are working with.

3 Do you have site supervisors and subcontractors?

You need to know whether or not there are going to be site supervisors and subcontractors who are going to work on your project. For this role, you should not rely on subcontractors. 

4 Are you insured and certified?

During your consultation, it is really important that you ask them if they have insurance and if they are certified. Make sure the workers have workers’ compensation, and they have liability insurance so that you are safe if ever something bad happens while they are working. And you have to make sure all of the workers are covered.

5 Do you have a project timeline?

Establishing the expectations you have for the project is really important. You have to make sure they know any possible timelines and deadlines, along with the starting and estimated end dates. If you are getting the project in a place with unexpected weather, you also have to take that into consideration.

6 What is your payment schedule?

When you are talking about money, you have to be frank. Make sure that the communication on when the payments are due and how much they will be is clear on both sides, each knowing all of the details.

7 What’s unique about your processes?

With different companies come different processes, ask them what stands out with their processes and ask them what makes them unique and why you should work with them.

8 Who’s designing the job?

Make sure you know every detail there is when it comes to your project, including who would design the project. You have to ask if they have their own engineers or you have to get your own. If they are outsourced, you have to also ask what firms they work with.

9 How soon can construction start?

You need to know how soon the construction would be able to start because the longer that they take before they could start, the more they are going to cost.

10 Do you provide guarantees?

When you are working with a company that would be able to provide you guarantees, you also have to make sure that you get everything you agree on in writing.

11 What similar projects have you worked on?

You need to know what they have worked on and what they would be able to specialize in. If you notice that what you want to get done is something they had never done before, then it’s best that you look for another company that could.

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12 How do you resolve differences of opinion?

Find out what their punch list system, warranty, and arbitration clause is and understand what they do. If it’s something you do not agree with, it’s better not to work with that company.

13 Who are your suppliers?

The quality of materials that the commercial construction company works with is incredibly important. You have to make sure that they would be able to provide you with materials of the highest quality.

14 Is your bid an estimate or a fixed price?

From the beginning, you have to make sure that you have already established the price so that moving forward with the project, you would not be surprised by the sudden increase in the costs.

15 Who does your finishings?

Everyone would see what your building would look like on the outside, so you have to make sure that the finishings on your building look good.

16 Does our project fit your schedule and business model?

When you are doing research and doing a consultation with all of these different companies, you have to know sometimes, that a company might not really be for you. It doesn’t matter their track record. So you have to know that they would be able to fit your schedule.

When you are looking for a commercial construction company to work with, it takes a long time to find the one whom you are comfortable with, and whom you trust. Don’t worry because it is important to take the time to make sure everything would go according to plan while not jeopardizing the project.

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