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Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review – Should You Upgrade for the Green Laser?

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It is not fortunate that Dyson has been the top selection for a cordless hoover for years. When they release the Dyson V15 Detect (jumped from V11 launched 2 years ago), the space between Dyson and their competitors comes to be larger than ever.

I’ve tested a few other cordless vacuum cleaners however they never can match the very same high quality and also attributes as located on Dyson items. In this testimonial, we are having a look at their latest V15 vacuum cleaner and also why I love it a lot.

Unboxing Video

Functions & Efficiency
Out of the package, the Dyson V15 includes the vacuum body, a wall dock, a wand clip, a battery charger, an expansion stick, and a variety of cleaner heads. Specifically, we have 2-floor cleansing heads, a mix tool, a gap device, a hair screw device, a soft dusting brush, and a stubborn dust brush.

Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Hoover Evaluation– Should You Update for the Environment-friendly Laser?

It is not lucky that Dyson has been the leading option for a cordless hoover for many years. When they release the Dyson V15 Detect (leaped from V11 released 2 years ago), the void in between Dyson and also their rivals ends up being broader than ever.

I have actually evaluated a few other cordless vacuum cleaners yet they never ever can match the very same top quality as well as features as discovered on Dyson products. In this testimonial, we are looking into their most recent V15 vacuum cleaner and why I love it a lot.

Unpacking Video clip

Functions & Efficiency
Out of the package, the Dyson V15 features the vacuum cleaner body, a wall surface dock, a stick clip, a battery charger, an expansion wand, and a selection of cleaner heads.

 Specifically, we have 2 flooring cleansing heads, a mix tool, a gap device, a hair screw tool, a soft dusting brush, and also a persistent dirt brush.

All devices inside the box
The Dyson V15’s vacuum body is practically the same as the Dyson V11. I can’t spot any kind of distinction apart from the color in the cyclone location.

The unchanged style is truly wonderful because they utilize the same filter, click-in battery, battery charger, as well as dustbin. That implies those replacement devices are easily offered.

Cleanable filter and also click-in battery
Aside from the high-torque cleaner head, the Dyson V15 is likewise geared up with a Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head which is probably the very best feature of the front runner vacuum cleaner.

This is the very first time Dyson has incorporated light into a cleaner head. I have actually seen LED lights on many other vacuum cleaners however none of them has laser light like this. This is influenced by the reality that you see tiny bits airborne when they are revealed to sunshine.

 On the side of the cleaner head, there is a green laser diode positioned at a 1.5-degree angle and 7.3 mm off the ground. I compared this laser with LED light on a Tineco vacuum cleaner and also saw a big distinction. The laser light gives an excellent comparison to reveal covert dust on your floor.

If you see the video below, you can see that the laser light executes better than LED light. This is a class-1 laser product, it is risk-free under all conditions for animals as well as people yet you still should not look straight into the light beam.

You can likewise turn it off with the activate the head if you don’t intend to utilize it.

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Notification that the soft roller brush only works on the difficult floor. Besides, the laser light discloses dust much better on dark floorings; If you turn on the laser in a bright area, you most likely can’t see anything.

Consequently, I am still utilizing the high-torque cleaner head more often. Its performance on carpets, as well as carpetings, is truly remarkable, and also I do not have to switch over the head when cleaning up difficult flooring.

The head is additionally improved to prevent tangling. It is geared up with 56 polycarbonate teeth below which are called anti-tangling comb; The comb will automatically get rid of hair on the brush bar and bristles continuously during cleansing.

That’s an excellent all-purpose cleaner head; It has just some negative aspects like the bulkier design, no light, as well as a little noisier operation.

Laser slim fluffy & high-torque cleaner heads
Another brand-new feature of the Dyson V15 is the acoustic piezo sensor which dimensions and counts particles 15,000 times a 2nd.

The number of bits in various dimensions will be displayed on the LCD screen at the end of the text. The particle dimensions are divided right into 4 groups which are 10μm, 60μm, 180μm, and also 500μm.

You can most likely to settings in the LCD screen to turn on/off the counter or adjust the electric motor sensitivity. I’d advise you to leave this counter on because it will certainly permit the device to adjust suction instantly.

The counter is automatically reset after each cleansing session when I put the vacuum cleaner on its billing dock.

Real-time fragment counter
Besides revealing the particle chart, you can additionally press the switch underneath to change amongst 3 power modes (Eco, Car, and also Boost). The Increase setting ought to only be used for intensive area cleansing because the battery would drain pipes out promptly in concerning 12-13 minutes.

If you clean in Car setting, the battery could last around thirty minutes which’s sufficient for cleansing my residence. The battery runtime countdown is displayed right under the bit graph.

The display can likewise reveal signals like “Filter not secured”, “Filter requires cleaning”, or “Airways obstructed”.

Hair screw tool
I make use of both floor cleaner heads a whole lot however I also make use of the hair screw tool regularly to cleanse my mattress and sofa. This tool is upgraded to spiral hair off and also into the dustbin as opposed to being stuck around the brush bar.

This is a fantastic concept due to the fact that it calls for less maintenance during usage. I’ve used this go-to a few weeks as well as haven’t seen any kind of hair on the conical brush bar yet. However, the device makes an extremely loud noise when the base plate is wide open.

In this placement, the brush bar strikes the plastic head cover as well as creates this sound. When I use this device, I am always required to ensure the base plate is in the closed-down setting, otherwise, the brush bar or the headcover could be damaged.

Another drawback of the V15 is that it still does not have a trigger lock. That indicates I am still required to hold the trigger for 20-30 mins when cleaning my house.

Thinking about the reality that the vacuum cleaner body weighs 5 pounds, it is not so comfy holding it as well as the trigger at the same time, particularly when I clean the ceiling or furnishings.

The suction power of the V15 is drastically enhanced and also I can quickly see the distinction when cleaning up carpets. Theoretically, the optimum suction power increases by more than 20% (from 185 air watts to 230 air watts).

To give you a viewpoint, the Tineco Pure ONE S12 And Also has the exact same list price as the Dyson V15 but its suction power maxed out at 145 watts.

Dyson states that their Dyson Hyperdymium electric motor rotates at as much as 125,000 rpm to produce the incredible suction power than other cordless vacuums can’t match.

What I enjoy most about Dyson vacuum cleaners is that the suction power does not fade when the dust degree is elevating in the container. Therefore, the Dyson V15 is actually not pricey in any way out there of high-end cordless vacuums due to the fact that we get a lot more attributes as well as power.

Similar to previous products, the Dyson V15 packs 5-stage filtering can capture 99.99% of dust particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. Additionally, we don’t need to change the filter.

You will certainly just require to wash the filter as soon as on a monthly basis and place it back to the equipment when it is totally dry.

Excellent battery life
Revamped high-torque cleaner head as well as hair screw tool to stay clear of tangling
The very best suction power on a cordless vacuum
Suction power is readjusted immediately
Revealing fragment dimensions and also matters in real-time
The laser cleaner head is not as beneficial as anticipated
The noisy hair screw device
Overall, the Dyson V15 is definitely the best cordless stick vacuum that we can get this year. It has the exact same original retail price of $699 as the V11 however features and power are brought to the following degree.

If you currently have the Dyson V11, the upgrade is probably not beneficial due to the fact that the V11 is still a really solid vacuum cleaner. You additionally shouldn’t upgrade just for the new laser light since it is not truly useful as I imagined. Otherwise, if you have an older vacuum cleaner as well as the need for better performance on carpetings, we very recommend the brand-new Dyson V15 Detect.

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