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Does Solar Energy Allow You to Go Off Grid in NOLA?

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In New Orleans residents are allowed to go off-grid that’s why more and more homeowners are shifting to solar as their source of energy. With the continuous increase in electricity rate investing in solar panels can be a great way to reduce or even eliminate your bills. Choose the best solar energy provider in NOLA and enjoy the benefits solar energy usage can give you. 

How many solar panels do you need to go off-grid?

When planning to go off-grid there are factors to consider since you will be depending solely on your solar panels. Going off-grid can cost you more but can give you more benefits in return. So grab the opportunity to go off-grid by investing in more solar panels.

Factors Needed to be Considered in Going Off-grid

Number of panels needed

To get the exact number of panels needed for your home ask for n estimation from your solar providers. They are more knowledgeable and skilled in giving you the accurate energy needed for your home and how many solar panels are needed. Here is an example of how the numbers of panels are determined: The average consumption of energy is 893 kWh per month, while residential solar panels can produce about 250 to 400 kWh per hour. Then you decide to have a 300-watt solar panel for instance and receive 6 hours of sunlight per day which can generate 1.8 kWh per panel per day. Therefore the number of solar panels needed would be 17 solar panels considering the average requirement of 29.33 kWh of electricity per day.

Source of Energy 

Getting an efficient solar panel to collect energy to power your home is essential. This means you have to select the best solar provider in New Orleans so they can give you the best solar panel system. In that way you can maximize your solar panel’s efficiency, getting experts to do your solar panel installation can recommend high-quality and branded materials. 

Batteries and Generators for Off-grid 

When you go off-grid getting a battery for storage is recommended so you can stir enough energy to be used when the sun is out. Solar energy collected in day time can save excess energy on your batteries and use them when night comes. A generator can also be good to support the need for electricity if needed. The capacity of your battery will also depend on how much energy your home needs. 

Investment Payback 

The budget allotted for your solar panels should also be considered since they are pricey, especially for an off-grid setup. Getting quotations from the different solar providers can help you decide who offers the best in that way you can also check which has a higher brand and better technicians. Don’t always go for the cheapest but instead choose the most efficient offer. 

How do you go off the grid with solar panels?

Off-grid means depending solely on the solar panel to power up your home. This setup can give you zero electricity bills, however, hiring a skilled solar provider can only be the one to do the set up so choose your solar provider well. 

How Much Does It Cost To Go Off-Grid With Solar?

The price may vary depending on the number of panels and the cost that your solar provider will quote. Most solar providers give free quotations so you can decide if your budget is enough and if you needed other financial options to purchase your solar panels. Deciding on going off-grid should be decided well and all the considerations should be done since you have to invest a big amount to run your house solely on solar energy. 

As a resident of New Orleans takes advantage of going off-grid since not all places allow his solar set up. Apart from having zero electricity bills, you can also contribute to making the environment recover since you will not be contributing to emitting greenhouse gas anymore. Solar energy usage is best to cut expenses and at the same time aid the environment in recovery. So start looking for solar providers near our area and discuss with them the requirements and process so you can start having those solar panels installed in your home. 

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